Samantha Hooey


Samantha Hooey’s folk-rock melodies create the perfect vehicle for her gentle, yet engaging voice to soar as she lyrically cradles listeners with lullabies of love and loss. Her musical style melds sultry vocals, with striking piano chords, rolling drumbeats, and soulful guitar licks to bring a dose of rock while still allowing Samantha’s shimmering, angelic voice to transport pain and sorrow with strength and power.

After graduating from the Music Industry Arts program at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario in 2005, Samantha began writing songs that would later transform into a collection of pieces featured on her debut album, Hey Love, released in 2010.  Hey Love is set from the point of view of a hopeless daydreamer that is forced to face the raw reality of romance, and succumb to a less-than fairytale ending.

Three years later, Samantha has transitioned into a lyrical space where strength prevails over adversity in her second album, After The Fire, in March 2013. After The Fire reflects her personal growth and positive outlook to focus on the opportunities that come with change, even when everything appears to have fallen apart.  Samantha’s hopeful, and sometimes melancholic album sheds light on her ability to rise above the ashes as she continues to pour her soul and spirit into her music with grace and honesty, imparting lessons learned upon listening ears.